Gassers to be Crushed and Burried

President Edgar Lungu has vowed to crush and bury those gassing people with poisonous chemicals,

In his Parliament address, Commenting on the incidences of chemical spraying gassing by unknown criminals, President Lungu said as Commander in Chief of Defence forces he will ensure the criminals are not just isolated from the public but also crushed and buried.

 Mr. Speaker
The State shall catch up with the enemies of the state and isolate them from the Zambian people. As commander-in-chief of the defence forces and head of state and government, I want to promise Zambians that the enemies of our people will be crushed and buried,” warned President Lungu in his national address in Parliament on Friday, March 6, 2020.

President Lungu told the nation that though the security situation had improved the Gassers were not terrorising the people in rural areas.

He vowed to ensure that law prevails and also hinted on setting up a Commission of Inquiry.

 Early this week there were reports of gassing in the night at Mutombe School in Shibuyunji District, Central province.

The Gassers were not apprehended.
Meanwhile the Residents have been alert warning to burn anyone caught.

A check near the School found Residents had gathered and were screening who ever arrived in the area.

I just got out of the Bus and was surrounded by men who searched me threatening to burn me with petrol accusing me of being one of the people gussing, explained Obrian Miyanza who was visiting the brother's farm.

43 people including a former Permanent Secretary have been killed by injustice mobs suspecting them of being one those spray-gassing people.

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