Chingola Catholic Priest Rev. Fr. Martin Chama Bwalya has said people may lose confidence in the fight against corruption owing to arrests that are not leading to convictions.

Some stakeholders have questioned the crusade against corruption amid acquittals of some suspects.

Activist and musician Pilato this week said: “The fight against corruption that does not lead to convictions is nothing but a mockery to the people of Zambia.”

Pilato’s written comment came in the wake of the Constitutional Court’s ruling that stopped all criminal prosecution proceedings involving former Konkola Copper Mines provisional liquidator Milingo Lungu.

In his recent sermon during Mass at Kapisha Catholic Church in Chingola, Fr. Bwalya wondered if law enforcement agencies know what they are doing by making arrests that are not going anywhere.

Fr. Bwalya, the Parish Priest of Resurrection Catholic Church, observed that law enforcement agencies are rushing to make arrests before concretising cases.

He further preached on the amicable resolution of disputes in families, churches and the nation at large.

“Acts that come from our hearts will make us good sons and daughters of God. Therefore, we ask that we pray without ceasing as we see a lot of cases in our country. Mulemona ukutila umuntu baikata mailo bamulekeko. Bapoka ifi lelo, mailo bamubwesesha (today they seize someone’s’ property tomorrow they are given back). Nomba abantu limo baletwishika ukutila bushe aba bantu nabeshiba eco balechita (Now people are asking if these people know what they are doing). Bushe professionalism epo ili? Ukutila ati umulandu tamulausanga mwaikata umuntu, pantu ebupilibulo bwalaisa mukulekelesha tefyo? Mwaikata umuntu mailo mwamulekako, nefipe mwamubwesesha. Nomba abantu kwipusha ati ninishi mwachimwikatila? What is the reason? What is in our courts? Ii court yapingula ifi, ii yapingula ici. Ifyapusana pusana. Nomba ninshi twalalola kwi? Confidence. Abantu balalusa confidence,” Fr. Bwalya preached.

He further highlighted the importance of basing conflict resolution on the word of God.

“My parent’s disputes arise in our families, places of work and Churches. Today we are being shown ways of settling disputes peacefully. Sometimes we need to listen to one another. Let us give chance to hear from each other. When you have disputes give each other time. Be silent. Mothers and father learn to listen to God to be good leaders even in homes. When Peter and James are faced with a dispute they remembered how God walked with them and His wisdom. This helped them to settle the debate. We have been told that God looks at our hearts. Our sincerity and goodness should start from our hearts. It is not about traditions of who has been circumcised or not or who are the chosen ones,” he said.

He added:”So tulelomba ukusalika pa maka nalimo mumafunde yonse ayapangwa Constitution foundation ni Bible. All the laws that we have made Bible are the basis. If the word of God is the centre for bringing the common good then we will find what we seek and our leadership will be good.Jesus Christ in the Gospel says abide in me. Sometimes we are not connected to Jesus Christ. This is the reason we feel lifeless in times of trouble. When we abide in Jesus our challenges will be light.”

Lusaka Resident Magistrate Albert Mwaba this week set aside the Warrant of Seizure of properties belonging to former Lusaka Province Minister Bowman Lusambo on account that it is an abuse of court process as there was a Restriction Notice which was already in place on the same properties.

But the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) has insisted that it is still in control of the properties of former Lusaka Province Minister Bowman Lusambo situated in Chamba Valley by way of the Restriction Notice which is in force.

In a statement released to the media, ACC said that the Restriction Notice is still in force as there has been no decision of any competent court to reverse or vary it, adding that the Commission is dissatisfied with the ruling of the Court to set aside the Warrant of Seizure as provided under the Anti-Corruption Act no. 3 of 2012 subsection 58(1).

Source” Lusaka Times

A Kenyan MP who is accused of forging his academic papers did not sit his final year exams at the secondary school he claims to have attended, an ex-teacher has told a court.

The MP, Oscar Sudi, had claimed that he sat the exams at Highway Secondary School in 2006.

But the school's former principal said the index number Mr Sudi claims to be his belonged to another student, adding the MP did not register nor sit the examination at the school.

The MP has been charged with forging a diploma certificate and a secondary school certificate. He denies the charges and is out on bail.

Kenya's election laws require parliamentary aspirants to show proof of secondary education.

Hearing of the case continues.

Source: BBC

A Nigerian separatist in detention on treason charges has been allowed by a judge to watch the matches of his favourite team, Liverpool, on TV.

Nnamdi Kanu, who denies the charges, leads the banned Indigenous People of Biafra (Ipob) group.

In detention since last year, his privileges have not extended to watching whole football matches live.

But thanks to the judge, a fellow Liverpool fan, Mr Kanu can now view the climax to a possibly historic season.

Having already bagged the Carabao Cup and the FA Cup, Liverpool are just two matches away from winning the English Premier League title and the European Champions League.

Bizarrely, the change in fortunes for Mr Kanu did not come at his request and resulted from the discovery that Mr Kanu, his lawyer and the judge were all Liverpool fans.

He was in court on Wednesday for a hearing on a bail application following his arrest last year for campaigning for the independence of south-east Nigeria, which he refers to as Biafra.

The bail application was refused but during the discussions about whether he should be granted bail, Justice Binta Nyako complained that Mr Kanu had disobeyed a previous order that he stop appearing in court wearing clothes from the Italian luxury brand Fendi, when he had other options.

She may have been referring to a tweet in which Mr Kanu was seen in an Atletico Madrid tracksuit during a visit by Charles Soludo, the Anambra state governor.


The judge, then joked that she was a Liverpool supporter and asked Mr Kanu's lawyer, Mike Ozekhome if he was also a fan of the football club. The lawyer said: "Yes."

Mrs Nyako then turned to Mr Kanu in the dock. "What is your team?" she asked.

"My team is Liverpool even from age of seven," Mr Kanu, standing upright in the dock, responded.

The judge then ordered the prison representative to allow Mr Kanu to watch next week's Champions League final between Real Madrid and Liverpool and any other match of his favourite football club.

"You must allow the defendant to watch the matches any day they are playing," she said, adding that she was going to make an order to that effect.

Mr Kanu may now be able to sit down and watch Liverpool's last Premier League match on Sunday, but whether that will be an enjoyable experience is another matter.

Manchester City are currently one point ahead of Liverpool in the title race and are favourites to retain the trophy.


Source: BBC

The Constitutional Court has stopped all criminal prosecution proceedings involving former Konkola Copper Mines provisional liquidator Milingo Lungu.

In a landmark ruling, the Concourt ruled to stay all criminal proceedings currently before the Subordinate Courts until constitutional matters raised are addressed.

Constitutional Court Judge Martin Musaluke said the provision of the law and the Constitution were clear in matters of this nature and therefore, the Constitutional issues raised should be addressed by the Constitutional Court before any matter could be dealt with by the subordinate court.

Judge Musaluke refered matters in Uganda where Constitutional matters were raised in a case of Charles Onyongo Obbo vs the Attorney General.

“This issue was equally addressed in the Ugandan case of Charles Onyongo Obbo v the Attorney General where the Supreme Court opined as follows, where a court refers a questions that arises in proceedings before it, it must await the decision of the question of the Constitutional Court, and “disose of the case in accordance with the decision.”

“Premised on the foregoing, I hereby grant the Petitioner’s application for stay of criminal proceedings before the subordinate court so as to preserve the integrity of the proceedings in this court were allegations of the breach of the Constitution have been raised,” reads in part Judge Musaluke’s ruling

Source: Lusaka Times

Officers from the Anti-Corruption Commission broke down the main front door to Kabushi Member of Parliament Bowman Lusambo’s house and accessed the inside of the property.

The officers also disabled the CCTV system on the property by removing the cables and tempering with the electronic wire fence.

During their newly two months of seizing the property, the ACC officers also saw the death of a male Zebra under their care.

This was revealed on Thursday when Mr. Lusambo toured the property with his family following an order by the Magistrate Court for the ACC to vacate the property.

The family has since decided not to move back into the house until it is forensically cleaned by security experts.

The ransacking of the property was against the seizure order that the ACC officers allegedly obtained which only allowed them to seize the property by changing locks to the main gates.

Mr. Lusambo described the behavior of your ACC officers as unprofessional and uncalled for.

“These are a bunch of unprofessional men and women masquerading as officers, they are so unprofessional that they jumped the security wall, disabled my CCTV and started messing around my house. When they got into my house, they started admiring my bed and telling each other that how can Bowman be sleeping on such an expensive bed which can pay for my salary for a year.”

He added, “They came to my house with a fake seizure notice. No Magistrate issued an order to seize my property, they lied and produced a fake notice which we challenged in court and this is why they have lost.”

Mr. Lusambo said what is going on is not a fight against corruption but political persecution.

“So the President doesn’t like Bowman, he instructs ACC to find something on him and when they fail, he tells them to just go and inconvenience him. Freeze his accounts and grab his house and this is what you are calling fight against corruption?”

Mr. Lusambo challenged President Hichilema to focus on fixing the economy and not fixing perceived political enemies.

Source: Lusaka Times

Teaching Service Commission of Zambia (TSCZ) chairperson, Daphne Chimuka says the commission will soon decongest teachers from schools in Lusaka district to some rural schools.

Ms. Chimuka stated that this exercise is expected to increase the number of teachers in some rural schools which have been noted to have a deficit despite the current recruitment of teachers.

She said the commission wants to ensure that schools in both urban and rural areas have adequate teachers to enable school going children to access quality education.

Ms. Chimuka said this when she addressed head teachers from various zones during a meeting held at Chongwe Secondary school in Chongwe district.

She implored the head teachers to welcome teachers who will soon be deployed to their respective schools and embrace the ideas they may present to improve education services offered to school going children.

“Most of the teachers you will receive at your schools are young and have stayed for years without working. Some of them will come with new innovative ideas because they are young. Do not intimidate them but instead embrace these ideas to see how best they can contribute towards improving the quality of education your schools are giving to children,” Ms. Chimuka said.

Ms. Chimuka said head teachers should set good examples for the new teachers by being professional and upholding the set standards of the country’s teaching practice.

She urged the head teachers to induct the new teachers to work in line with the existing systems of the education sector and ensure that they are not indisciplined as they carry out their duties.

Ms. Chimuka also encouraged school authorities to lobby for construction of teacher’s houses through the constituency development fund (CDF) from their communities to accommodate newly recruited teachers.

“Engage your communities and request that they consider constructing houses for the new teachers using some of the funds allocated to their wards under CDF,” she said.

She further assured all teaching staff and head teachers working in the country’s public schools who have not been confirmed despite working for many years that the commission and ministry of education are making efforts to ensure that teaching staff are confirmed immediately after probation.

Speaking during the same event, Teaching Council of Zambia (TCZ) Director for inspections, Fred Mwale called on head teachers and teachers to acquaint themselves with the legal framework and regulations which guide the teaching fraternity in the county.

Dr. Mwale stated that the guidelines have been established to foster professionalism among teachers.

He urged teachers across the country to take advantage of the online platform created by the council to process their applications for their practicing licenses.

And Chongwe Secondary school Head teacher, David Phiri who gave a vote of thanks assured TSCZ and TCZ that head teachers in Chongwe are ready to work with the new teachers who will be deployed to their schools adding that they will give them the necessary support.

Mr. Phiri said no teacher will be intimidated on the basis of tribe as the school heads in the district have proved to be professional in the manner in which they execute their duties.

Source: Lusaka Times

Jubilant crowds came out to cross South Sudan's first permanent bridge over the River Nile after it was officially opened on Thursday.

The 560-metre long Freedom Bridge on the edge of the capital, Juba, was constructed using a grant from the government of Japan.

Construction began in 2013 but had to be suspended multiple times because of the civil war and the coronavirus pandemic.

The previous bridge could be dismantled and moved and was sometimes dangerous to cross - especially for pedestrians.

Thursday's opening was attended by the Kenyan presidential candidate and AU infrastructure envoy Raila Odinga, as well as the head of Japan's International Cooperation Agency Tanaka Akihiko.

President Salva Kiir told those assembled that the Freedom Bridge was a symbol of long and lasting friendship between the people of Japan and South Sudan.

It is hoped that the bridge will ease traffic congestion in Juba as well as help speed up trade.

Source: BBC

At least five people died in violent clashes in a suburb of Nigeria’s capital, Abuja, on Wednesday.

Fighting broke out in Dei Dei, a hub where building materials are sold, after a woman who was identified as a trader, was crushed to death by a truck after she reportedly fell off a motorbike.

Violence erupted between traders in the market and local youths following the accident.

Dozens of people were injured and part of the market was burnt down.

The government minister who oversees the Nigerian capital has ordered the closure of the various markets in the community until calm is restored.

Human rights campaigners say the frequent cases of mob violence in the country are fuelled by deep-rooted impunity and a lack of confidence in the criminal justice system.

Source: BBC

At least four migrants have drowned and another 10 are missing after their boat sank off the coast of Tunisia.

The Tunisian coastguard said they were attempting to cross the Mediterranean to Italy.

The coastguard managed to rescue 44 people from the overcrowded boat which sank off Louza in Sfax governorate.

Source: BBC

South African President Cyril Ramaphosa says he advised his arts and culture minister to cancel a $1.4m (£1m) flag monument project following public outrage.

Mr Ramaphosa told a business leaders’ forum on Thursday that Nathi Mthethwa called him to seek advice on how to react to the negative public reaction.

“Of course they are not happy with it. Cancel this thing,’” Mr Ramaphosa told the crowd on what he advised the minister to do, amid laughter.

On Wednesday, the ministry said it was reviewing the decision to erect the massive flag project, which has been criticised by some as a vanity project.

The ministry had earlier confirmed plans to erect the structure, to be known as the South African National Monumental Flag, after getting parliamentary approval.

It described it as a “symbol of nationhood and common identity".

Source: BBC

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