Zambia: Kwacha Bullish

By Lucky Phiri:

The Kwacha has continued on a bullish run against the United States dollar.

Currently the local unit is trading between 15 and 16 kwacha against one united states dollar.

And Some Lusaka Residents are impressed with the recent performance of the Kwacha.

They have told ZNBC News that they are optimistic that prices of essential commodities will reduce if the Kwacha continues to appreciate.

Meanwhile, others are happy after observing a slight reduction in prices of some commodities such as eggs and potatoes.

A tray of eggs which was costing over 60 Kwacha is fetching between 50 and 55 Kwacha while a 10 Kilogram bag of Potatoes which was selling at over 1-hundred and 20 kwacha is now fetching between 90 and 1-hundred and 15.

Source: ZNBC《》RT


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