Lungu to go after ‘all political terrorists’ attacking innocent Zambians regardless of their status

President Edgar Lungu has said the State will not discriminate on the clamp down of suspects in the current wave of criminal acts were innocent Zambians are being gassed with elements of engineered mob justice and accusations of ritual killings targeting innocent people.

In a State House Press Release published by Isaac Chipampe, Press and Media Special Advisor to the President yesterday, the Zambia Head of State said, “We are coming for you whether from ruling or opposition party, Church, or NGO. We are coming for you regardless of who you are or what you are. No red herring, will distract the current investigations. ‘

The President also warned citizens that are taking the law into their own hands that they are equally culpable because destruction of property and taking people’s lives is heinous crime. He said the Police and the courts are there for suspects to undergo the due process of the law.

President Lungu says he expects the law enforcement agencies to visit individuals that seem to know more about the current crimes than the State so that the State can unlock the mystery surrounding these crimes.

The President says it is warped thinking to imagine that the Government can turn against its own people, just because of an effort to incarcerate one Zambian. He said at the end of day the people being attacked are Zambians and they may belong to any political party, so of what benefit would it be for Government to attack its own people.

President Lungu says he expects maturity from political players, and that in an event that the country is faced with serious crime, citizens including the opposition are expected fo be patriotic and not to use the opportunity to score points.

“Zambians are not known for inflicting harm on fellow citizens and destroying institutions that are meant to serve them like hospitals and Police Stations, so where has this culture come from?” Asks the President.


He has equally cautioned professional media not to be used by politicians that thrive on grim events happening in the country.


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Last modified on Thursday, 20 February 2020 11:21
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