Zambian opposition accused of using sponsored terrorism to cause anarchy and justify early elections

The Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) on 19th February 2020 in a press briefing in Lusaka Zambia said the current gassing citizens the country has witnessed in the last two months is a well calculated act of terror meant to instill political fear,  cause panic and civil unrest and consequently justify early elections some opposition leaders have been calling for since 2017.

In part of his speech, YALI President, Mr Andrew Ntewewe said:

“Like us, many of our fellow Zambians are getting convinced these acts of sponsored terrorism are meant to justify calls for early elections by portraying that the country has become ungovernable and that the current leaders have failed. To determine which people are behind these acts of terrorism, Zambians must only ask on who would benefit from a situation where our Country is portrayed as having become ungovernable.

First and foremost, all Zambians must never forget that after 2016 elections, there has been a deliberate refusal by a clique of politicians, a group of hoodlums and a bunch of anarchists and their followers to recognise the legitimacy of the President. In so many ways, they are doing every act, including sponsoring some foreign prophets who have endorsed them but also speak against our country, as a way of proving that this Government is not legitimate, and cannot be trusted.

The question is, what benefit do these anarchists get when they engage in acts of terror? The sponsors of the ongoing terrorism – in which homes, villages, institutions of learning are being gassed – have an ultimate goal and gains. Their ultimate goal is to make a picture in the mind of Zambians and the outside that Zambia has become ungovernable”, Mr Ntewewe observed.

Mr. Ntewewe also commended President Edgar Lungu for directing the Zambia Army to re-enforce the work of the Zambia Police Service aimed at calming the situation and speedily bringing the ‘sponsors’ or culprits to book.

Zambia is currently witnessing a wave of gassing of citizens by unknown groups coupled with minor township street protests, mob justice and burning of some public properties which started in Chingola on the Copperbelt Province in January and now spreading in some parts of Zambia such as some townships of Lusaka, Chongwe and Nyimba in Eastern province.

The Head of State and President, Edgar Lungu has offered K250,000 to whoever will help the police with credible investigations to finding the culprits and has also deployed the army on the street to help the police in protecting citizens and property across the country.  The political situation remain calm.

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