Zambia: Lubinda Asks Police To Protect PF Members

By Mark Ziligone

Opposition PF Vice President GIVEN LUBINDA has called on police to consider protecting party members from being tortured and harassed by alleged UPND cadres.

Mr. LUBINDA says the party is disturbed with the video circulating on social media where a PF member is mercilessly being tortured by suspected UPND cadres.

He adds that most PF members are living in fear because of the brutal tortures that their fellow members have experienced.

Mr. LUBINDA was speaking to journalists at a press briefing in Lusaka today when he introduced a PF member who was being beaten in the video circulating on social media.

But UPND National Chairperson STEPHEN KATUKA said the people recorded in the video are NOT UPND members because the party does NOT support such acts.

Mr. KATUKA has further called on police to arrest the people masked as UPND members and torturing a PF member.

He reiterated that the ruling party will NOT support any forms of violence.

 Source: ZNBC《》RT

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