Zimbabwe Deputy Minister Buys Coffin For Ginimbi

The Deputy Minister of Youth, Sport, Arts and Recreation and Zanu PF legislator for Hwedza South, Tino Machakaire, on Monday pledged to buy a coffin for the late socialite Genius ‘Ginimbi’ Kadungure.

Zim Morning Post reports that Machakaire pledged to buy a Versace coffin and delivery is expected between Tuesday and Thursday.

This is contrary to earlier social media reports which suggested that a casket which Ginimbi bought a week before his death and kept it at his mansion was discovered following his death.

Versace coffins cost between US$5 000 to $12 000 depending on the specifications which clients choose.

Ginimbi died on Sunday morning along Borrowdale road together with his three friends when Rolls Royce they were travelling in hit an oncoming Honda Fit, veered off the road, crashed into a tree and caught fire.

Eye-witnesses to first arrive at the scene say they managed to retrieve the 36-year-old “who was still alive” but died a few minutes later, while the other three passengers were burnt to death when the vehicle exploded.

His family announced that the late businessman will be buried on Saturday at his mansion in Domboshava adding that all mourners should wear all white as per his wishes.

Source: Zim Morning Post《》RT

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