Shambles And Tears Characterise Malawi's Blantyre Derby


By Green Muheya

“It has literary ended in tears for everyone.”

Everything was shambolic. And chaotic. Tearful and uneventful it was and a match one badly want to forget to remember.

Poor officiation, tempers, teargas and pelting of stones marred the much touted Blantyre derby on Saturday at Kamuzu Stadium.

The game was tense and dictated by old-rivalry antics with both teams wanting to carry home not only bragging rights of the commercial city, but also honour.

In the end the game end in tears for both as the match finished in a deadlock with both sides netting a goal each.

The Lali Lubani boys, Mighty Wanderers scored in the first half before Nyasa Bullets’s equalizer in the second half.

The Nomads opened the scoresheet in the 14th minute through Stanely Sanudi before the Peoples Team equalised to level the play in the second half from Yunusu Sherrif’s own goal.

However, some controversial decisions by referee, Gift Chicco and Bernadette Kwimbira led to some chaotic scenes.

The Nomads supporters were furious with some decisions like being denied a second goal scored by Peter Cholopi from a corner kick for a foul.

The saga reached at the pinnacle of the boiling point, when Stanley Sanudi was denied a corner kick.

This led to Sanudi being furious asking Bernadetta Kwimbira why she denied him a corner kick.

In process of complaining, captain Alfred Manyozo Jnr and Ted Sumani joined in, in quizzing Kwimbira the same question.

Police protection
Referee, Gift Chiko rushed to the scene before handing a yellow card to Manyozo and Sumani, who was already shown another card in the first half.

This development angered the Nomads fans, who pelted stones in anger of the decisions.

John Chidakwani of the populous Ndirande Township, a Bullets supporter said: “It has literary ended in tears for everyone.

“I think the referees ought to be professional and follow the rules of the game to the letter. What happened today is disgusting.”

The game was stopped for close to 30 minutes, as the police and Stewart tried to calm down the situation.

However, when calm prevailed, the game was resumed only to be stopped again after Vincent Nyanguru was trickled down inside the box by John Lanjesi.

Referee, Chiko wanted to blow the whistle for a penalty only to change his mind at the eleventh hour.

The game was stopped again as supporters were not happy with the officiation.

However, It was the turn of teargas to end the match as it affected players inside the pitch.

Tears were all over from players and officials due to the teargas.

Players scrambled for water to wipe out the teargas in their eyes, as the police whisked the referee team away from angry fans.

Another drama was witnessed while the game was in progress when a Bullets supporters invaded the pitch to pour urine on Richard Chipuwas goal.

All in all, the Blantyre derby ended 1-1 but with a lot of drama that could make a beautiful script for a comedy of a Nigerian movie.

Source: NT《》RT

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