State House Malawi Defends Appointment Of Chakwera’s Daughter As Diplomat


By Russell Kondowe

State House says it is unfair for people to question the appointment of President Lazarus Chakwera’s daughter as a diplomat.

Press Secretary Brian Banda made the remarks at the State House Brief in Lilongwe on Monday.

Chakwera sent his daughter Violet Chakwera Mwasinga to Brussels, Belgium to work as third secretary at the Malawi mission. It was also revealed that Violet obtained her degree from unaccredited institution.

Asked if the appointment of Violet is a sign that Chakwera has ditched his promise to end nepotism, Banda said Chakwera has made over 2,000 appointments and it is unfair for people to make such a conclusion based on a single appointment.

Banda further argued that Violet Chakwera went through normal recruitment processes and she was vetted.

“She is qualified and capable to do the job. The only sin is that she is the president’s daughter. That is unfair and worrisome,” said Banda.

Source: M24《》RT

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