Make Tough Decisions, Hard Times Call For Hard Decisions, Zambian Govt Told


By Ketra Kalunga

Government should not fear to come up with policies, even unpopular ones, that will offer solutions to many challenges the country is facing, says Party for National Unity (PNU) president, Highvie Hamududu.

Hamududu said people should be ready to walk the hard path to improve the country’s economy and this includes supporting the policies Government puts in place for the interest of the nation.

He said in an interview that it was time for the nation to propose pragmatic solutions, even the unpopular ones, to improve the economic status of the country.

“Let us stop politics of populism that are not backed by facts, that are not backed by good practice. The time has come for Zambia as a country to propose real workable solutions even if they are unpopular, the time has come for us to be bold and provide real solutions,” he said.

Hamududu said if given an opportunity to form government, he would not fear to take bold decisions even the unpopular ones to solve problems and not appease people.

He said he would not stop talking about the unpopular solutions which would work for the betterment of the nation if his party formed the government unlike cheating Zambians that things would be easy when in fact not.

“I can tell you if we are given an opportunity to go into government, I can assure Zambians one thing, I will not fear to take bold decisions even the unpopular ones because the issue is to solve problems,” he said.

Source: Daily Nation《》RT

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