Zambian Civil Servants Need Debt Swap - Bubala


By Etambuyu Katota

Zambia National Union of Teachers -ZNUT- Secretary General Newman Bubala says the debt swap is a necessary tool to relieve civil servants who are highly indebted.

Bubala observes that indebtedness is a very serious issue because at the end of the day, an entire worker’s income goes to paying debt resulting in a demotivated and unproductive workforce.

He added that the unions had realised that because of high indebtedness, all the salary increments negotiated in the past were not having impact on workers.

And Government has re-emphasised that the debt swap it has embarked on for the public workers is not a new idea.

Information and Broadcasting Services Permanent Secretary Amos Malupenga says the debt swap is part of a deliberate and ongoing agenda by Government to address various issues concerning the welfare of workers in the public service.

Speaking when he featured on Hot FM radio in Lusaka, Malupenga explained that Government has been planning the debt swap for some time and could not implement it due to budgetary constraints.

Malupenga said resources have since been set aside, hence the decision to implement the debt swap.

Source: ZNBC《》RT

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