Sad: Tayali Was Unarmed but Treated Like an Armed Person- Ngwira

By: Chanoda F. Ngwira - Political Activist

The manner in which Tayali was arrested at Central Police was brutal especially that he never was a harm or a threat to any securities.

The UPND Government was at high speed when in opposition to condemn or rather call Police brutal as well as branding the PF regime as a brutal regime.

We hoped that they would work on the issues they claimed were wrong and unlawful, alas, they are doing exactly what they preached against. This is proving to be a more brutal regime that this country has ever had.

What we wonder too is this new kind of harassment they have brought where cadres are deployed in all corners of Zambia to report those who have a different view from that of the UPND. We feel this is against the law where political opponents are being reported in areas they did not commit the alleged crime. This is total harassment.

Where is the freedom of Expression that the UPND preached about? What has changed now, where they against what PF was seemingly doing or they were against that it is not them that were doing it? Now that they are in the driving seat, it is all normal.

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