A prominent critic of Sierra Leone's government of has been killed during a police raid, raising serious concerns about extrajudicial killings and accusations of targeting opposition figures.

It happened when officers were in the hideout of alleged suspects behind last week’s violent protests.

According to the police, Hassan Dumbuya - popularly known as Evangelist Samson and a member of the All People’s Congress - was killed when officers exchanged gunfire with a neighbourhood group in the capital Freetown.

Police also say they received intelligence that ex-civil war combatants were planning an attack, so they arrested four people and confiscated what they said was a light submachine gun.

President Julius Maada Bio has said that the protests were an attempt to overthrow his government and that the perpetrators will face justice.

Twenty-one civilians and five police officers were killed during the violent protests over the rising cost of basic goods. Rights groups have called for an independent investigation into the protests.

Others have paid tribute to Dumbuya, while disputing the police's version of events.

Source: BBC

A Zimbabwean MP from the ruling Zanu PF party has been arrested over fraud and money laundering claims involving $5m (£4.1m), state-run newspaper Herald reports.

Justice Mayor Wadyajena was arrested on Tuesday alongside four others who include suspended officials of the Cotton Company of Zimbabwe (Cottco).

They were arrested by officers from the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission. No details were offered.

The five are expected to appear in court on Wednesday, the newspaper reports.

The state-controlled cotton buying and processing enterprise has recently been rocked by claims of theft of farm inputs and diversion of funds.

Source: BBC

A Ward Councillor in Malambo Constituency of Mambwe District in the Eastern Province has appealed to the Government to extend the recruitment of more staff to other ministries that are currently understaffed.

The Ncheka Ward Councillor Benson Phiri appealed to the government to recruit more staff under the Department of National Parks and Wildlife so that they can quickly respond to emergencies involving human-wildlife conflict in areas like Mambwe District.

Mr Phiri said Mambwe District is a Game Management Area and the department of national parks receives a lot of emergency reports from various chiefdoms which need beefed-up manpower.

Mr Phiri told ZANIS in a telephone interview that because of the understaffing levels of some of the Government departments, residents are the ones who end up suffering when emergencies arise.

“Seeing that some departments are understaffed like the Department of National Parks and Wildlife, for example, let me take this opportunity as Councillor for Ncheka Ward and lobby the Government to extend the recruitment of staff in other Ministries countrywide as it did with the Ministry of Education and soon, the Ministry of Health,” he said.

And Mr Phiri further thanked the Department of National Parks and Wildlife for promptly swinging into action and gunning down one of the Lions that has been terrorising the residents of Ncheka Ward and killing domestic animals.

He appealed to the Department of National Parks and Wildlife to also quickly relocate the two Lion cabs that are still roaming the Ward to where they are supposed to be before they cause harm.

Mr Phiri also urged Ncheka residents and other residents of Mambwe District to report such incidents to responsible authorities in good time so that they can act promptly to avoid any possible disasters.

Jonas Phiri, a resident of Ncheka also thanked the Department of National Parks and Wildlife for coming to the aid of the residents before any human life could be lost.

Mr Phiri added that sanity has now been restored in the area and people are now able to move about freely and carry out their daily activities.

In the recent past, a pride of lions has been terrorizing the resident of Ncheka Ward and killed a goat and donkey.

Source: Lusaka Times

A court in Egypt has called for a legal amendment to allow live broadcast of the execution of the killer of a female student.

Egyptians were horrified after video footage went viral last month purportedly showing Mohammed Adel stabbing to death Nayera Ashraf, who rejected his advances, outside her university.

In a letter to parliament, the court that sentenced the 22-year-old to death said the broadcast of even a part of the proceedings could achieve the goal of deterrence.

Egypt does not broadcast executions, which are always carried out by hanging inside prisons.

A 2015 United Nations survey said nearly eight million Egyptian women were victims of violence.

Source: BBC

At least 33 people have been killed and several others injured in central Kenya after a bus veered off a bridge and plunged into a river.

The authorities say that 10 people survived the Sunday night accident.

The vehicle was travelling from the town of Meru to the coastal city of Mombasa when the accident happened.

Police say preliminary investigations suggest the brakes may have failed.

A search and rescue operation is under way and the death toll is expected to rise.

Images from the scene showed the mangled wreckage of the bus with the roof completely ripped off and personal belongings strewn all over.

The bus is said to have veered off the bridge and plunged some 40m below into the Nithi River.

The incident is the latest in a series of deadly road accidents in Kenya.

Source: BBC

The Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development has approved bursary-applications worth K1.2 million for selected secondary boarding school and skills training in Ndola’s Bwana Mkubwa Constituency under the 2022 Constituency Development Fund (CDF).

Ndola City Council Public Relations Manager Rebecca Mushota has confirmed that the Ministry of Local Government has approved six successful secondary boarding school bursary applications and the bursaries are worth K6, 000.

Ms. Mushota said the approved skills development bursary applications are 273 worth K1, 240, 810.

Meanwhile, the Ministry has approved nine carryover community projects under the 2021 Kabushi Constituency CDF.

“The approved bursary applications are worth over K1.2 million. The Ministry has approved six successful secondary boarding school bursary applications and the bursaries are worth K6, 000.The approved skills development bursary applications are 273 worth K1, 240, 810. The Bwana Mkubwa CDF Committee received 12 secondary boarding bursary applications, out of which, six were selected and 700 skills training bursary applications out of which 273 were successful,” Ms. Mushota revealed to journalists in Ndola.

“The Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development has also approved three successful community projects for Bwana Mkubwa under the 2021 CDF. The projects are worth K1, 532, 028.43.A total of 30 community project proposals were received out of which, and three were selected. Meanwhile, the Ministry has approved nine carryover community projects under the 2021 Kabushi Constituency CDF. The total worth of the projects is K1, 439, 076.47.”

Ms. Mushota concluded:”The Kabushi CDF Committee received 17 community project proposals out of which nine were successful. The Ndola City Council will continue updating the residents on the various CDF processes.”

Source: Lusaka Times

Finance and National Planning Minister SITUMBEKO MUSOKOTWANE has assured Zambians that funds are available to pay salaries to the newly recruited Teachers and the soon to be employed Medical Personnel.

Government recruited over 30,000 teachers and is yet to announce the recruitment of over 11,000 Health personnel.

Speaking during the Private Sector Day in Lusaka today, Dr MUSOKOTWANE said Government is  faced with two challenges of unemployment and low income levels among citizens.

He however said the Government is addressing the challenges by creating opportunities for citizens and stabilising the economy.

Meanwhile, Public Private Dialogue Forum -PPDF- Deputy Director ROSETTA CHABALA described President HAKAINDE HICHILEMA’s continued support to the Forum as unprecedented.

And the three technical working groups, Tourism, Agriculture, Banking and Finance which were constituted under the PPDF have presented proposals to the government.

Tourism Council of Zambia President YUSUF ZUMLA said the technical working group has recommended the zero-rating of Value Added Tax -VAT on services offered by Hotels and Lodges.

And Bankers Association of Zambia -BAZ- President MIZINGA MELU, representing the Banking and Finance Technical working Group said the group has been working on how best to implement the localisation of critical information and infrastructure of Banks as provided for in the cyber laws.

Meanwhile,  Ministry of Agriculture Permanent Secretary GREEN MBOZI who represented the Agriculture technical working group said the group is working on how to reduce the time and cost of testing for Foot and Mouth Disease -FMD.

Mr. MBOZI said the Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock, with the participation of the private sector, is ready to decentralise testing centres for FMD by setting up laboratories in Choma, Chipata, Solwezi and Mongu Districts.

He said the private sector laboratories will have to be accredited by the Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock and that this will enhance quick diagnosis of the animal disease.

Source: ZNBC

A court in Mozambique has delayed for three months the verdict of the biggest corruption trial in the country's history.

The scandal involves more than $2.7bn (£2bn) of undisclosed state debts - money that the government borrowed to set up a sophisticated tuna industry - to buy trawlers and military patrol boats, but much of it was allegedly diverted to corrupt officials.

Those accused include Ndambi Guebuza, son of former President Armando Guebuza, and 18 others. They were charged with blackmail, embezzlement and money laundering.

The younger Guebuza denied the charges and said the accusations were politically motivated.

The verdict was due for 1 August but has now been pushed to 30 November.

Judge Efigénio Baptista cited the complexity of the case and the volume of 30,000 pages of evidence as occasioning the delay.

The trial started in August last year on the grounds of a maximum-security prison on the outskirts of the capital, Maputo.

Source: BBC

UPND National Spokesperson, CORNELIUS MWEETWA has called for calm among teachers, who have not been successful in this year’s recruitment exercise.

Mr. MWEETWA says the recent teacher recruitment was meant to respond to the free education policy which allowed pupils on lower grades to go back to school.

He says most of the recruited teachers are primary school teachers and few of the secondary school ones.

Mr MWEETWA says the move was meant to close the gap to maintain the teacher pupil ratio at primary level.

Speaking during a phone in program in Choma at a Local Radio Station, Mr. MWEETWA assured those that have not been picked to stay calm as government has just begun the recruitment exercise of teachers.

He added that more teachers will be recruited in the years to come.

Mr. MWEETWA, who is also Southern Province Minister DISPELLED assertions that the government was waiting for IMF and World Bank funds to release the list of recruited teachers.

He noted that government is delivering its campaign promises such as the increased Constituency development fund CDF, Paying of retirees, recruitment of over 30-thousand teachers and 11,200 health workers.

Mr MWEETWA said detractors of development are just ashamed that President Hakainde Hichilema has done tremendous work within 11 months of taking over the leadership of the country.


Source: ZNBC

THE current countrywide power cuts have triggered severe shortages of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) in Bulawayo.

The Zimbabwe Electricity Transmission and Distribution Company (ZETDC) last week announced that the country will experience increased power cuts due to depressed power generation.

In a letter dated July 13th 2022, ZETDC cited escalated demand in the winter season and power import constraints as some of the reasons for the new development.

However, the company’s move has triggered LPG shortages, a commodity the majority of Zimbabweans now use for their day to day operations.

A survey carried out in the city by Newzimbabwe.com revealed that most of the gas selling outlets in the city did not have the commodity.

Most gas selling outlets, such as service stations visited by this crew, were characterised by long queues of people looking for the commodity.

At one service station along Khami Road, the queue stretched for almost 20 metres.

“Since Thursday, I have been trying to buy cooking gas at my usual place but to no avail,”said Milcent Chikomba, a resident in Paddonhurst.

“The workers told me that since the introduction of the load shedding they have not been able to cope with the high demand for cooking gas. Because of the current electricity shortages, I am desperately in need of gas to cook for school children in the morning.”

This publications also discovered that the few places which are selling the commodity in town have raised their prices due to the high demand.

Before the current shortages, a kg of the gas used to cost US$2, 20, but some outlets are now selling the same quantity as high as US$ 3 per kg.

“Only two week ago, I bought a kg of gas for US$2 but today I bought the same quantity at almost $3 . This is really unfair. The government should do something because every household is now relying on gas because of the current shortages,” said Mildred Ncube, a Pumula resident.

Gas has become a source of energy for the majority, who are finding it difficult to afford electricity while those who are still yet to be electrified use the energy source for lighting and cooking.

Source: NewZimbabwe

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