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By Lucky Phiri-Some Schools in Lusaka have intensified anti Covid-19 measures in readiness for re-opening next month.

And General Education Permanent Secretary Technical Services JOBBICKS KALUMBA is impressed with the level of preparedness of schools.

Dr. KALUMBA who has visited selected schools, was impressed with Lusaka Boys School for putting in place permanent hand washing points at the entrance of every class and inside some classrooms.

He says the commitment shown by the school in fighting the pandemic ahead of re-opening of schools is commendable.

Dr. KALUMBA has also commended management at Munali Girls School for putting in place several anti COVID-19 measures.

He has however implored other stakeholders to work with his ministry to help schools that are lagging behind in anti Covid-19 materials.

Dr. KALUMBA has urged schools to continue following advice from health officials to provide a conducive environment for learners.

Source: ZNBC《》RT

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) on Tuesday took President Lazarus Chakwera to task over the one million jobs he promised to create for Malawians in the first year in office in the run-up to the June 23 2020 presidential election.

In a pre-recorded Hard Talk television interview with BBC’s Sarah Montague, Chakwera was asked to explain how many jobs the Tonse Alliance-led administration has created since June 28 2020, when it took over the reins of power.

The Malawi leader was also taken to task on whether appointing his daughter Violet to a diplomatic mission in Brussels was in line with the spirit of creating a new Malawi and clearing the rubble.

Chakwera, who is in the United Kingdom (UK) attending the Global Education Summit which started yesterday, said, through the rollout of the Affordable Input Programme, the Tonse Alliance-led administration managed to create some jobs for Malawian youths who were recruited to help in the process.

“When we started, for example, with the Affordable Input Programme, we had thousands of jobs. Young people were employed across the country with millions of people accessing the affordable inputs. It was 3.5 million accessing inputs,” Chakwera said as Montague insisted that the Malawi leader provide an exact number of jobs.

He noted that the impact of about 300,000 jobs created was not felt because about 600,000 people lost their jobs due to companies’ downsizing and foreclosures in the wake of Covid.

According to Chakwera, had it been that his administration did not put in place mechanisms for protecting jobs in the wake of Covid, more people would have lost their jobs than those that did.

Asked about the appointment of his daughter, Violet, to a diplomatic mission, Chakwera described the sentiments as not true. This is despite State House Press Secretary Brian Banda justifying the appointment last week.

Chakwera accused the BBC of not doing its homework on the matter.

“Violet is not going to Brussels. She is not going as a third secretary to Brussels. Check your facts; investigate those things,” Chakwera said.

Chakwera also justified the composition of his 10-man entourage to the UK, which includes First Lady Monica, the President’s daughter and his son-in-law, saying everyone on the trip had a responsibility to play.

“I brought Malawians that are doing something along with me on this trip and they are just as valuable. I can tell you each one of them has specific functions and the specific functions are such that, for me to be able to attend a meeting like this, I need their services,” Chakwera said.

University of Livingstonia Political analyst George Phiri said Chakwera struggled to answer the question on one million jobs because Malawi missed an opportunity to create real jobs from the pandemic as other countries have done.

“The BBC were deliberately asking the President that question because it knows that Malawi has lost an opportunity in that area. With Covid and growing pressure on healthcare workers, Malawi would have created many jobs by creating opportunities for nurses and other healthcare workers,” Phiri said.

Last week, the Public Accounts Committee (Pac) of Parliament urged Chakwera to cancel the trip to the UK and attend virtually, saying the trip had no value for money.

On Sarah Montague’s question to Chakwera, to the effect that he [Chakwera] had appointed his daughter Violet to Brussels as one of the workers at the Malawi embassy, Chakwera’s Executive Assistant Sean Kampondeni told The Daily Times that the President’s role ended at the appointment of ambassadors or high commissioners and their deputies.

“The President appoints ambassadors and deputy ambassadors. All other postings to foreign missions are the domain of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which has its own processes for making such decisions and should be contacted for any information on such,” Kampondeni said.

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Paramount Chief CHITIMUKULU of the BEMBA people has urged leaders of political parties taking part in the August 12, 2021 General Election to adhere and respect the peace accord they signed ahead of the polls.

The MWINE LUBEMBA says there is need for all political players to maintain peace before, during and after the General Election.

He has called on the Patriotic Front -PF- and the opposition United Party for National Development -UPND- leaders to urge their members to desist from violence during campaigns.

The traditional leader is concerned that even after the peace accord was signed, the message has not trickled down to party cadres.

Paramount Chief CHITIMUKULU has further reminded political leaders to denounce violence.

He said this when Social Scientist INNOCENT KOLALA paid a courtesy on the MWINE LUBEMBA in KASAMA.

And Mr. KOLALA noted that when political campaigns are characterised with violence, it causes voter apathy.

Mr. KOLALA told Paramount Chief CHITIMUKULU that he is in Northern Province to sensitise people against violence ahead of the General Election.

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PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa’s vengeful administration Thursday ordered Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) which defied its directive to submit work plans and activities to the Harare Provincial Development Coordinator to shut down.

At the end of June this year, Harare Provincial Development Coordinator Tafadzwa Muguti demanded NGOs to submit work plans and intended activities to his office for clearance, an order nine of them dismissed as unconstitutional.

The nine, which now face closure, are Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition, Media Alliance of Zimbabwe, National Association of Youth Organisations, National Transitional Justice Working Group, Women’s Coalition of Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe Election Support Network, Zimbabwe Human Rights NGO Forum, Zimbabwe National Students Union, and Zimbabwe National Council for the Welfare of Children.

They argued that Muguti’s office was a constitutional nullity and thus has no legal basis to monitor NGO operations.


“In the event that you believe you have the same function as would be held by the Provincial Administrators in terms of the Provincial Councils and Administration Act, a reading of Section 10 of this Act clearly points towards the fact that your powers are confined to coordination of the various ministries and organs of government. Your office therefore has no mandate to regulate the operations and clearances of NGO activities,” the NGOs wrote then.

In a statement Thursday, Muguti said some of the Harare-based NGOs have complied but those that remined defiant will have to be closed down.

He said law enforcement agents will now move in to shut down their operations with immediate effect.

“Those that have failed to comply with the request on the 30th of June 2021 shall with immediate effect be stopped by law enforcement from conducting any operations what so ever until they fully comply with the policy. In particular obtaining a resolution from the provincial development committee by the minister of State for Provincial Affairs and Devolution.”

Muguti is banking on the 2003 Policy on Operations of Non-Governmental Organisations in Humanitarian and Development Assistance in Zimbabwe, which states that, “in order for an NGO to commence operations at any level, they should sign a Memorandum of Understanding with the respective Government Ministry or Agency and also secure a resolution with the Provincial Development Committee (PDC)that supports the need for its intended in the Province”.

Source: NZ《》RT

By Hannock Kasama

The Zambian Government has counselled International Election Observers to be impartial and objective.

Information and Broadcasting Services Permanent Secretary Amos Malupenga also says the stance of impartiality and objectivity by some International Election Observers must be practical.

Malupenga has also implored the international election Observers to develop a tendency of sharing their pre-election findings with government.

He says it is unfair that government always gets the feedback of the alleged international election Observers’ pre-election findings from remarks by opposition figures.

Malupenga said this in Lusaka on Thursday when he conferred with the European Union -EU Media Analysts.

He said government is committed to ensuring that the August 12, 2021 General Election is free and fair, thereby tolerating the international election Observers.

And EU Social Media Analyst Inta Lase reiterated that the EU Election Observers will uphold impartiality and objectivity.

Meanwhile, EU Media Analyst Agness Doka said the EU is expected to render a comprehensive report of its findings after the August 12, 2021 General Election.

Zambia goes to the polls on August 12, 2021 in line with article 56 sub-article one of the country’s constitution.

Source: ZNBC《》RT

Janet Banana, the widow of the late former president, Canaan Banana has died. She was 83.

Reports suggest Banana passed away early Thursday morning at Bulawayo’s Mater Dei Hospital after suffering a stroke two weeks ago.

Family spokesperson, Nathan Banana told Chronicle that his mother, the late Mrs Banana, had been unwell for some time. He said:

She was having problems with her kidneys for a long time; for over four years. But more recently, about two weeks ago, she had a minor stroke and was hospitalised and had been struggling to recover after that stroke. This is what was the main cause.

He said she had five children, but two had died one of them being Michael, who passed away last week.

Banana said he believes that her stroke could have been caused by her not being able to bury her son, who was buried in the United Kingdom, due to COVID-19 restrictions. He added:

She had five children, but two have died, one passed on last year, that is Michael. And I think part of the stroke was a result of the pain because she didn’t get a chance to actually see him being buried or visiting his resting place and this affected her quite a lot. This was because of the COVID-19 restrictions on travelling.

Banana was married to Zimbabwe’s first president, Canaan Banana, whose office was largely ceremonial as the Prime Minister at the time, Robert Mugabe, exercised executive powers. Banana was president from 1980 to 1987.

In a Twitter Thread, outspoken Independent legislator, Temba Mliswa, castigated President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s government for allegedly neglecting Banana, claiming she died a pauper. Said Mliswa:

In news just received I’m deeply saddened to hear of the passing of the first former First Lady, Mai Janet Banana.

I’m angered by the fact she died a pauper, once again another example of Govt not looking after our National Heroes’ wives.

After the immense contribution, her late husband made to the country, regardless of anything, she died a destitute in Luveve.

I thought the Second Republic would address issues neglected by the First Republic and it’s about time we’re able to move motions in Parly to this effect.

Govt must account for the welfare of all National Heroes surviving spouses and families.

Last year in November, she lost her son, Micheal and now her. My condolences to the entire Banana family. MHDSRIEP.

Source: Pindula News《》RT

By Wilson Mulinda

Vice President Inonge Wina says Zambia’s strategic position in the SADC region and endowment of land and water must be used grow food and feed the entire region.

Wina says this is because more than 70 percent of the Zambian population depends on Agriculture for their livelihood.

She says many people have lost their jobs and are vulnerable to hunger because of the effects of COVID-19.

The Vice President was speaking during the pre-summit meeting of the United Nations Food Systems Summit.

She said Zambia’s food system value chains have been adversely affected at all levels from production to consumption.

Wina said the country’s development path, like many countries, is premised on placing people at the center, with access to basic needs such as food and water.

She said it is because of such that Zambia looks forward to the forthcoming food summit and is eager to participate as it may assist in addressing some challenges faced by the country.

Source: ZNBC《》RT


By Russell Kondowe

Malawi has demanded an apology from Times newspaper of UK which claimed that President Lazarus Chakwera has travelled to the United Kingdom to attend a virtual meeting because of poor internet connection in Malawi.

Times published its story on 26 July under the headline “Leader flies family to online summit”.

In a statement Thursday, Minister of Information Gospel Kazako said the president is attending the Global Education Summit upon the invitation of UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

He added that the summit will benefit Malawi in leveraging international education grants and Chakwera’s physical presence as Malawi will be among distinguished player in the global education sector which offers education financing.

On the newspaper’s report that Chakwera has travelled with the First Lady, son in-law Sean Kampondeni and daughter Violet Chakwera, Kazako said the three have important roles to play at the summit.

“For instance, Mr Kampondeni is the President’s Executive Assistant and Director of Communications, Ms Violet Chakwera is the Personal Assistant to the First Lady while it is traditional worldwide that the First Lady accompanies the President on his travels,” said Kazako.

The minister then demanded Times to apologize and retract the story from all its platforms.

“We have dispatched correspondence relaying the same to the Times,” said Kazako.

Source: M24《》RT


President Emmerson Mnangagwa on Thursday expressed condolences over the death of Janet Mbuyazwe Banana, the widow of former President Canaan Sodindo Banana, who passed away at Mater Dei Hospital in Bulawayo.

Pindula News is publishing President Mnangagwa’s condolence message below:

Condolence Message by His Excellency the President, Cde Mnangagwa, following the death of Mrs Janet Mbuyazwe Banana, widow of former President Canaan Sodindo Banana. Harare, 29th July 2021.

It is with deep grief and sorrow that I inform the Nation of the passing on today, Thursday, of our inaugural First Lady, Mrs Janet Mbuyazwe Banana, at Mater Dei Hospital.

When I last visited her at the family home in Luveve, Bulawayo, to console her following the death of her son Michael, she was ailing, and our thoughts and prayers were for her speedy recovery. Sadly, we have lost her when we thought she would be well again.

The country remembers her with fond memories and admiration for the important roles she played during the period of our liberation struggle, and as our First Lady.

During the struggle for our Independence, the late former First Lady exhibited courage and bravery as she endured persistent harassment at the hands of the Rhodesians for supporting her husband, the late First President of the Republic, Reverend Canaan Sodindo Banana, in his activism.

To the very end of her husband’s life and her own, she remained a strong pillar of support to both her husband and children.

We shall not forget her as a mother of our Nation. She carried herself with simplicity and dignity. Our country is all the poorer with her passing on.

On behalf of the Party, ZANU PF, Government, the First Lady, my family, and indeed on my behalf, I wish to express my heartfelt condolences to the Banana family, especially to the children who remain and have lost a loving mother.

May I assure them of our support during this their darkest hour of grief.

I have directed that the late former First Lady be accorded a State-assisted funeral.

E.D. Mnangagwa


Source: Pindula《》RT


By Lucy Nampemba

Stakeholders monitoring the printing, packing and dispatch of ballot papers for the August 12, 2021 General Election have described the process as credible and transparent.

The stakeholders among them political parties, civil society, the church and law enforcement agencies said this shortly after Electoral Commission of Zambia -ECZ- Chief Electoral Officer Patrick Nshindano met them for a final briefing in Dubai on Thursday.

Nshindano thanked the stakeholders for their commitment to the process.

He also urged political parties to take down the serial numbers on the boxes containing the ballot papers for cross checking with their polling agents.

Patriotic Front Deputy National Chairperson Davies Chama who has been representing the party in Dubai said the ECZ and the printer have demonstrated high levels of professionalism in carrying out the exercise.

And United Party for National Development -UPND- Representative Richard Njolomba described the process as credible.

Meanwhile, Christian Churches Monitoring Group Steering Committee Chairperson, Father Emmanuel Chikoya said the organisation is happy with the professional way the printer has carried out the exercise.

And Non-Governmental Gender Organisations Co-ordinating Council -NGOCC- Executive Director Engwase Mwale commended the printer for working within the terms of reference and delivering the consignment within the stipulated time.

Ballot Papers and other Election Materials have started arriving in the country, with the last batch catering for 47 constituencies expected to arrive on Friday, July 30, 2021.

Al Ghurair Printing and Publishing Company was contracted by ECZ to print the ballot papers and other Election Materials for the forthcoming General Election.

Source: ZNBC《》RT

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