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By Lucky Phiri:

Electrical equipment meant for the Sub -Station at the Kafue Bulk Water Project has started arriving in the country.

And Lusaka Water Supply and Sanitation Company Managing Director Jonathan Kampata says engineers have started assembling the equipment.

Mr. Kampata says the delay in the arrival of the equipment from China was due to congestion in the shipping process.

He said this during the launch of the digital real time metering system for the water utility company in Lusaka.

And Mr. Kampata said the metering system is meant to minimize irregularities in the billing of the water usage between the water utility company and its customers.

He said the project is currently being employed in 1 hundred and 60 areas across the Capital City.

Mr. Kampata said the digital metering system will enhance efficiency in service delivery.

He said the initiative will also be extended to Chilanga, Kafue, Chongwe and other areas.

Source: ZNBC《》RT

SEVEN more Zimbabwean deportees arrived on a chartered plane from the UK at the Robert Gabriel Mugabe International Airport in Harare, Thursday morning.

However, two other who were supposed to board the same plane for Zimbabwe were removed at the last minute. failed to confirm why they were removed.

The deportees whose names were not revealed to the media did not entertain questions from waiting journalists on their arrival.


They expressed dismay over how the earlier arrival of 14 deportees from the UK, last month, was covered by the local media.

However, the media witnessed immigration officers struggling to get some of the arrivals to sign paperwork as they resisted to perform any formalities at the airport.

The seven bring to 21 the number of deportees from the UK in the past two months. The majority have been deported from the UK after serving lengthy custodial sentences for committing crimes such as rape, drugs, fraud and murder.

An official from the Social Welfare Ministry, Totamirepi Tirivavi said the deportees would be taken to the Zimbabwe Institute of Public Administration (ZIPAM) in Darwendale for quarantine in light of the Covid-19 pandemic.

“They will be taken to ZIPAM where they will be quarantined for 10 days then after that they will be reunited with their families,” he said.

The 14 deportees that arrived in Zimbabwe last month have since reunited with their families after spending 10 days at ZIPAM.

The UK government has targeted deportations of various nationalists including Zimbabweans, Vietnamese and Jamaicans after their release from prison for committing various crimes.

Despite spirited attempts by various lobby groups and some British MPs to halt the deportations, UK Home Secretary Priti Patel has maintained the forced removals will continue.

Source: NZ《》RT

The ruling United Party for National Development (UPND) Secretary-General Batuke Imenda has retracted the statement attributed to him that newly Elected President Hakainde Hichilema was not going to move into Statehouse, but only work from there and continue to live in at his private residence.

Yesterday the Zambia Daily Mail quoted Mr Imenda saying that president Hichilema will not shift from Community House in New Kasama to State House because he is comfortable staying in his private residence.

Mr Imenda said in an interview that President Hichilema will continue living at his private residence but that he will be working from State House.

“Just like he said before he was sworn in, our President will continue living at his house in New Kasama. He is more comfortable at Community House. When you compare the two places, his house is better,” Mr. Imenda said.

He said President Hichilema’s residence is bigger than Nkwazi House at State House.

However, Mr. Imenda has instead said that the statement attributed to him that Mr. HH has the right to stay in the place he believes is safe is a party position and not a statehouse position.

There has been a backlash on the statement that the president will not move into the State House. Lusaka Lawyer and former State House Press Secretary Dickson Jere expressed alarm that newly elected President Mr. Hakainde Hichilema wished to live in his own private residence.

Mr. Jere said both State House residences at Nkwazi and State Lodge were the only facilities in the country designed to secure the Head of State from known and unknown threats. He has advised people around Mr. Hichilema not to mislead him but help persuade him to begin to trust state infrastructure and State institutions.

“The President should move to State House. That is a security installation for the Head of State and it has things that his private house does not have. Zambian President has two places – Nkwazi and State Lodge – heavily equipped for the Head of State. My humble view is that he should move.”

Below is Mr Imenda’s full statement

As UPND, we wish to guide that there is a difference between President Hakainde Hichilema as President of the Republic of Zambia, and Mr . Hichilema as President of the Party.

Under the circumstances, no party official has the right to speak on behalf of His Excellency Mr . Hakainde Hichilema as President of the Republic of Zambia.

This said, the statement attributed to me that Mr. HH has the right to stay in the place he believes is safe is a party position and not a statehouse position.

Our view is that, in the absence of any appointed State House spokesperson or indeed any appointed legal person for state house, only the Secretary to the Cabinet has the right to comment on statehouse-related matters and the President.

All-Party members are guided accordingly.

Further, I wish to put it on record that my statement regarding Mr. HH’s residence was picked out of context, as such I wish to clarify the following :

  1. President Hakainde Hichilema is free to choose his own ADCs as a general practice ;
  2. Former Presidents equally did the same, and our view is that statehouse reserves the right to ascertain whether President Hakainde Hichilema should occupy Nkwazi House at state house or not; this is not a UPND mandate;
  3. Mr. Hichilema is now President of the Republic of Zambia, as such, any statement from my office represents the position of the party and not statehouse;
  4. No party official or party-appointed person has the right to represent state house in any capacity;
  5. As regards to all UPND related matters, the party has a spokesperson who is Hon. Cornelius Mweetwa, including other party constitutional office bearers mandated to speak on behalf of the party; and
  6. We advise media houses to realize that our party officials are a wrong source to comment on statehouse unless they want to get the party view…as such my view represents the party view and not the President of the Republic of Zambia’s office.

Lastly, my office has an open door policy to all media houses for all clarification.

Issued by:
Hon Batuke Imenda

Source: LT《》RT


Opposition Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) president Nevers Mumba has condemned the booing of the former president Edgar Lungu during the inauguration ceremony of President Hakainde Hichilema at National Heroes stadium on Tuesday.

Mr. Lungu was booed by United Party for National Development (UPND) supporters as he was arriving the stadium to handover instruments of power to President Hichilema.

The booing of Dr. Lungu has also roundly been condemned across social media platforms and by some senior citizens.

Reacting to the incident, Dr. Mumba said it was ‘unZambia’ to boo elderly people, more especially that Dr. Lungu is a former head of state.

He explained that the dislodging of the PF from government was enough to punish the previous regime hence booing the former president was disrespectful and unnecessary.

He explained that Zambia has scored accolades on the international scene for holding three smooth transitions of power from the outgoing to the incoming president.

Dr. Mumba lamented that the booing of Dr. Lungu has however subtracted some moral values. He said Zambia missed an opportunity to paint a good picture of its moral values in the eyes of invited foreign dignitaries.

He further said if not condemned, the booing of Dr. Lungu will set a bad precedents for future former presidents.

Dr. Mumba said despite the PF causing a lot of pain among Zambians, it was not proper to boo the former president.

He has since called on all Zambians to desist from embracing the culture of booing former national leaders.

He recalled that the late former president Kenneth Kaunda was booed with tomatoes and eggs thrown at him at Independence stadium as he went to surrender power to the then president Frederick Chiluba.

He said this in a video posted on his social media Facebook page today.

Meanwhile, the Southern African Centre for the Constructive Resolution of Disputes (SACCORD) has commended former president Edgar Lungu for peacefully transferring power to President Hakainde Hichilema following the former’s defeat in the August 12, 2021 general elections.

SACCORD Executive Director Boniface Cheembe said by conceding defeat peacefully, Dr. Lungu showed respect to Zambia’s democratic tenets.

Mr. Cheembe said his organisation was happy with the growth of Zambia’s democracy, which he said is a good example to the African continent and the world at large.

He stated that Dr. Lungu ran his race and contributed to Zambia’s development.

He said the immediate past president, just like any other leaders, scored successes and failures during his rule.

Mr. Cheembe said the onus now remains on the seventh Republican President Mr. Hichilema to continue with developing the country.

He has since urged Zambians citizens, various stakeholders and other countries to support President Hichilema as his administration implements campaign promises.

“The voter turnout and the vote given to the President is a testimony of high expectations that the people of Zambia have in the President and his administration,” he said.

Mr. Cheembe further stated that many Zambians will take hope from the positive inauguration speech that gave a broad framework on various issues the new administration intends to do.

“We wish the President and its administration the best as they start their new journey to govern the country,” Mr. Cheembe said.

Source: LT《》RT


The High Court sitting in Blantyre Wednesday dismissed an application by Malawi Congress Party’s aspiring parliamentarian in the May 21 2019 parliamentary election Gerald Kazembe, who wanted it to nullify results of Mangochi Monkey-Bay Constituency election.

Kazembe had challenged the election of Democratic Progressive Party Member of Parliament Ralph Jooma.

The ruling, which High Court Judge Jack N’riva made, came as an unpleasant surprise to Kazembe, who vowed to appeal the matter at the Supreme Court of Appeal.

“Our next step from here is to take the matter to the Supreme Court of Appeal,” he said.

Jooma said he was pleased with the court’s decision.

“I am grateful for the earlier victory in 2019. I am grateful again for this victory. This case has always surprised me since day one. A case must have a basis and an origin. During the voting in Monkey-Bay, there were no complaints as well as during counting but, as soon as the results were tallied at the Tally Centre, complaints started coming in. The judge has proven that the case was a fabrication,” he said.

In 2019, Jooma won the parliamentary elections in the constituency with 9, 341 votes while Kazembe got 9, 052 votes.

However, Kazembe argued that there was bias during the vote-counting process, adding that Jooma had supplied ballot papers to some centres where he [Kazembe] had a large following.

However, the court did not find merit in these allegations.

Source: Times Group《》RT

By Lucky Phiri:

The Kwacha has continued on a bullish run against the United States dollar.

Currently the local unit is trading between 15 and 16 kwacha against one united states dollar.

And Some Lusaka Residents are impressed with the recent performance of the Kwacha.

They have told ZNBC News that they are optimistic that prices of essential commodities will reduce if the Kwacha continues to appreciate.

Meanwhile, others are happy after observing a slight reduction in prices of some commodities such as eggs and potatoes.

A tray of eggs which was costing over 60 Kwacha is fetching between 50 and 55 Kwacha while a 10 Kilogram bag of Potatoes which was selling at over 1-hundred and 20 kwacha is now fetching between 90 and 1-hundred and 15.

Source: ZNBC《》RT


The Electoral Commission of Zambia -ECZ- says it will provide an update on election results at 15 hours for all the constituencies that would have been consolidated by that time.

ECZ Chief Electoral Officer PATRICK NSHINDANO says there were late closures of polling stations in Nalolo, which opened around 15 hours and closed around 03 hours.

Mr. NSHINDANO says the last polling stations to close were in Mweshi ward of Lunga district at 05 hours this morning.

He says the Commission has started receiving results but that it is yet to receive the consolidated results at Constituency level.

Speaking during a briefing in Lusaka today, Mr. NSHINDANO called on all stakeholders and the public to remain patient with the Electoral body as it remains committed to ensure final results are declared within 72 hours from the close of the last polling sta

Source: ZNBC《》RT

State Vice-President Saulos Chilima has suggested that Southern African Development Community (Sadc) member states should consider intensifying digital industrialisation, touting it as the panacea to economic development challenges.

He said the establishment of Sadc regional centres of excellence in digital technology would go a long way in expediting the realisation of regional financial self-reliance.

He made the remarks in a keynote address at the Sadc Public Lecture session, held under the theme ‘Promoting Digitalisation for Revival of the Sadc Industrialisation Agenda in the Covid Era’, in Lilongwe yesterday.

“Sadc should set a centre, or centres, of excellence in digital technology to revitalise regional industrial development,” he said.

He called on the private sector to join the noble task.

Chilima disclosed that internet speed was, in most land-linked countries, slow within the region, necessitating the need to put in place regional policies on cross-border connectivity.

He cited Malawi, Angola and eSwatini as some of the countries where it takes one hour to download 5GB of data.

The Vice President added that land-linked countries such as Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe faced costs in expanding their telecommunication networks to an undersea cable.

“A regional approach to facilitate cross-border connectivity will thus be essential to improve speed, affordability and overall digital inclusion in land-linked countries,” he suggested.

In his lecture, Chilima called on the community to set up a special fund that would advance the development of digital technology and strengthen human capacity in the use of technology.

He also stressed the need for the region to transform from a predominantly importing and consuming one to a predominantly producing and exporting region.

Chilima identified industrialisation as one of the tools for achieving this goal.

Sadc Deputy Executive Secretary Thembinkosi Mhlongo expressed gratitude to Chilima for taking his time to prepare and deliver the keynote address

Mhlongo also touched on the need to ensure that there was peace in the region for development to be enhanced.

He further extended gratitude to the National Planning Commission (NPC) for taking part in organising the lecture.

NPC Director General Thomas Munthali said the summit had come at the right time, just a year after Malawi launched its Malawi 2063 Agenda.

“Government is usually constrained in terms of resources,” he said.

Malawi is hosting the 41st Sadc Summit, which started on August 9 and will end on August 19.

Some of the top government officials present at the event were Foreign Affairs Minister Eisenhower Mkaka, Information Minister Gospel Kazako, Gender Minister Patricia Kaliati and Education Minister Agnes NyaLonje.

Source: Times Group《》RT

By Sharon Kunda –

United States -US- Embassy Chargé D’Affaires DAVID YOUNG has condemned acts of violence that have happened around the country.

Mr. YOUNG says the people responsible for the killing of PF Member of the Central Committee JACKSON KUNGO need to face justice.

He has urged law enforcement agencies to ensure such acts of violence do not happen as it undermines the people’s faith in security.

Mr. YOUNG also says attacks on PF Matero Constituency Candidate MILES SAMPA are also worrying.

He has called for peace to prevail in the country and that everyone wants a free, fair and transparent election.

Speaking to journalists at Mulungushi International Conference Centre in Lusaka today, the US envoy commended all Zambians who turned out to vote.

Source: ZNBC《》RT

THE late former  permanent  secretary in the  ministry of Agriculture Ringson Chitsiko will receive a state assisted  funeral, President Emmerson Mnangagwa  has said.
Chitsiko died Tuesday  due to covid-19  related complications.
In a statement Wednesday, Mnangagwa said the government  has authorised a state assisted  funeral for Chitsiko.
“A long time civil servant, many will remember  the late Cde Chitsiko as our Permanent  Secretary in the Ministry of Lands, Agriculture, Fisheries, Water, Rural and Resettlement who until his retirement  a couple of years ago, was the face of our efforts towards national  agricultural transformation for greater food security for our nation,” Mnangagwa said.
“I personally  worked  close with him when I led the food security  cluster under the First Republic. In appreciation  of his distinguished career and dedication  to national service, I have directed  that the late Cde Ringson Chitsiko be accorded  a state  assisted  funeral,” said Mnangagwa.
He added: “He will be solely be missed by his colleagues  in government, and by the farming community which drew a lot from his technical leadership  and inexhaustible knowledge  as an agriculture expert. On behalf of the Party, Zanu PF, Government  and my own behalf, I wish to express my deepest condolences  to the Chitsiko  family on this their saddest loss.”
Source: NZ《》RT
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